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Taygeta has been in business since 1995 providing clients with customized software. Taygeta has provided software solutions that meet and exceed the specifications of our clients. It is our philosophy is that each software project brings with it it's own unique set of solutions.

Taygeta designs software solutions using the programming language or languages that best fit the problem at hand. The language we use is determined either by the project specification or by the client determination.

Taygeta teams have expert level understanding in the following operating systems: DOS, NT, PalmOS, Unix: SYSV, *BSD, Linux, SCO, HPUX; and the following programming languages: Ada, C, C++, C*, FORTRAN, FORTRAN 90, Forth, Perl, HTML, WML, XML, Java, SQL, bash, ksh and sh.

Taygeta's software projects have ranged from embedded systems software, robotic control software, network and distributed applications, and scientific computati onal software.

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